English - Invoice payment manual

As a new customer, we recommend you to follow this article once to make sure your account is set up in the correct way and payments go automatically.

One time account details check

Follow the steps below to add your VAT number and account details once. Where eligible, your invoices will be created without VAT.

  1. Go to https://www.hoasted.com/login and log in with your client details. Your accounts is created with the email address that you also receive other notification on. In case you do not have the password, you can reset it.
  2. When logged in, go to the [hello, name] button on the top right, and click "Edit Account Details".

    Edit account details

  3. Here you can make sure all the company and address details are filled in correctly. When you add your company VAT details, the will be automatically removed from the invoices where applicable.

Paying invoices

  1. For paying the invoices, go to billing > my invoices in the main menu. You see here an overview of all the invoices and the status of them.

    My invoices
    My invoices details.
  2. Click on the invoice that needs to be paid. After you clicked on the invoice that you want to pay you will go to the invoice itself.

    Edit account details
    Click the unpaid invoice.
  3. You now see the selected invoice in details. Click the green [pay now] button in top right in order to pay by credit card. If you would like to select any other method, you can change it by selecting the preferred option under 'payment method'.

    Pay now with creditcard
    Pay now
  4. Now add your card details and description and click 'submit'.

    Payment Details Credit Card
    Credit card details screen.
  5. You are all set. Future invoices will be automatically paid (maximum once per month) with the same card.
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